Social Responsibility

Respect for human rights

  • 1. It is forbidden to insult, torture, abuse, or use corporal punishment on employees;
  • 2. Any kinds of forced labor are prohibited. All employees shall participate in work voluntarily;
  • 3. No discrimination on race, social class, nationality, disability, gender orientation, etc.;
  • 4. It is forbidden to have compulsive, threatening, abusive and exploitative behaviors towards employees, including gestures, language and actual contact;
  • 5. Employees must be treated equally in hiring, compensation, training opportunities, and promotion, no targeted discrimination are allowed;
  • 6. Protect women's rights and dismission for any reason during pregnancy , parturition and suckling period is not allowed;
  • 7. Ensure that men and women are equally paid.

Environmental protection

  • 1. Sewage discharge is controlled under the national standards;
  • 2. Water quality is monitored Periodically to avoid water pollution;
  • 3. Radioactive pollution sources are reasonably controlled;
  • 4. The consumption of resources and energy are reasonably controlled;
  • 5. The recycling of resources is promoted;
  • 6. Noise is regularly monitored to ensure compliance with national standards;
  • 7. The use, storage and disposal of chemicals are strictly controlled and monitored;
  • 8. Environmental protection infrastructure shall be strengthened.

"People-oriented, safety first"

  • 1. Humanized management were advocated;
  • 2. Periodic physical examinations towards employees were conducted to protect their health;
  • 3. Safety education were provided to cultivate employees' safety awareness;
  • 4. Improve employees' risk awareness by sharing safety information timely;
  • 5. Strengthen the safety infrastructure to reduce safety hazards.