Service Industry

Global Power Generation Project

With extensive experience, the company provides supporting services for some of today's most critical industries' global projects. We mainly provide fittings, flanges and other accessories for combined cycle natural gas power plant, coal-fired power plant, solar power plant and geothermal power plant projects. These products can be applied to extreme working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, humid and corrosive environments. Whether it is a small-scale power plant of 100MW or a large-scale power plant project of 1000MW, the company has extremely rich supply experience. In addition, the company is also the first manufacturer of P92 fittings in China.

Our services mainly include:
Fittings, flanges, pipes and shop prefabrication;
Alloy P11, Alloy P22, Alloy P91, Alloy P92.

Our team provides dedicated project management, technical support and reasonable cost pricing.
Technology: Equipped with experienced engineers, workers and professional production equipment and inspection facilities.
Material: The diversity of materials provides customers with more choices.
Experience: Rich experience in large-scale project production, flexible staged delivery to meet the different schedule needs, and reasonable cost pricing to effectively help customers control cost-effectiveness.
Pipeline integration: From the packaging of screws, nuts, gaskets, and flanges to shop pipeline prefabrication, the rich industrial chain resources ensure that customers are provided with integrated services.

Quality Assurance:
Product traceability
In-house product testing capabilities
CNAS International Laboratory Certification
Certified level II, level III non-destructive testing personnel

We hope to be recognized by more customers and are happy to solve various types of technical problems. Your strict requirements will continue to enrich our professional knowledge and make technical improvements.